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  • Flightcase 1
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  • Flightcase 4
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Welcome to 3D Flight Cases

With over 30 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing flight cases, we are a leading and trusted supplier of high quality protective flight cases for the entertainment industry, government agencies and other industries worldwide.
We offer the highest level of protection with our rugged and hard-wearing custom built flight cases suitable for regular transport by air, road or sea and all the daily handling in-between.
Our 19" rack cases, again bespoke to your requirement to any height or depth, make them ideal as portable server racks, with a shock mounted steel inner frames and capable of carrying over 600kg,

If you looking for a custom flight case with bespoke interior ensuring you equipment arrives in perfect working order, day after day, night after night, please contact our specialist team today for a fast, efficient and friendly service.

Why trust your valuable equipment to any other flight case manufacturer?

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