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Flight Case Racks

Rugged 19" Rack Case3D Flight Cases offer a wide range of 19" rack cases to allow for safe transportation of all types of 19" rack equipment.

As all our rack cases are custom built to order each rack case can be made to any unit height and any depth with the option of how many bays wide are required. We cater as standard for equipment weight from a few kilos to shock mounted racks capable of carrying 600 kilos of servers.

Below are the most popular types of rack cases that we offer.

Shock Mounted Server Racks

Portable Dell Server RackOur flight case portable server racks are one of our most popular styles. They consist of an outer flight case with a shock mounted inner welded steel frame mounted on anti-vibration mounts.

The inner frame can be designed to take 600kgs or more and can incorporate internal locking security doors.
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Foam Mounted 19" Rack

Foam Mounted RackFoam suspended 19" racks are an alternative to the shock mounted flight cases we offer. They consist of an inner wooden frame which is supported within an outer flight case.

While it has its uses the foam mounted racks cannot offer
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19" Rack Sleeve In Case

19" Rack In CaseThe basic design of the ‘rack in case’ concept is an outer foam line flight case with an inner removable 19” sleeve that can simply be used by removing the lid of the flight case or the inner 19” rack can be removed for use.

One of the advantages of this design is that it is possible to travel several smaller inner 19” racks
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Standard 19" Rack

19" Flight Case RackThe standard 19" flight case rack is the most basic of rack designs we offer. The rack strip mounting that the equipment is bolted to is also bolted directly to the body of the flight case.

Obviously, this offers no shock protection to the equipment that you are transporting.
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Waterproof 19" Rack

19" Waterproof RackIn addition to manufacturing our own flight cases we also supply a full range of moulded waterproof racks from two of the world’s largest and respected names in the manufacture of these military specification watertight racks.

Waterproof or watertight rack is common term used by many when searching for 19" weather proof rack cases, shower proof, ruggedized or even submersible 19" racks. These cover
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