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  • Flightcase 1
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Flight Cases - Custom Built

3D Cases are leading innovators in flight construction and design of bespoke flight cases, designed and built under our full control in the UK, ensuring the highest quality materials and construction. We design our flight cases to exceed ATA 300 I specifications, making sure our cases will offer you the ultimate in tough, durable and dependable protection.

Our Flight Cases

Flight CasesOur custom designed flight cases have been exported and used all over the world to safely transport and protect some of the most valuable items from an ever-increasing range of artists and industries, from guitars for guitar legend tours, to satellite cameras and remote launch pads. We have flight cased it all – well almost!
Our production facilities are happy to produce a ‘one off’ custom flight case to large production runs of bespoke flight cases to your own requirements, each having been designed and produced using the latest CAD/CAM software. You can be confident that regardless of quantity your flight cases will be built to your specifications, and on your schedule.

Flight Case Construction

Flight Case ExtrusionsThe exterior of our flight cases is constructed using either a 6mm, 9mm or 12mm wall, which can be plywood based or at extra cost a honeycomb/composite type for weight saving. To this is laminated (usually on both sides) under high pressure, one of the many external finishes and colours we offer.
The sheets are then machined to size and lock/handle holes etc. cut using highly accurate CAD controlled CNC machines.

Unlike most conventional flight case companies who glue and or nail the panels together and add an exterior aluminium capping our system incorporates our unique double sided (double leg) extruded angle. This allows each panel to slot into our angle to form an integral part of the case, adding huge strength and rigidity qualities not seen in flight case construction before we developed this aircraft quality aluminium extrusion, circa 1975.

Flight Case TrunkThese case panels are then secured in our unique angle using pop rivets, riveted through the outside leg, the core material and finally the internal leg, giving it the extra strength and reliability our cases are renowned for offering. There are no glue joints to break, no possibility of capping coming away from the panel no matter how much pressure or flexing is applied to the flight case during it’s hard life on tour. Clients like the BBC orchestras have flight cases that are still going strong after touring the planet for the last thirty odd years, testament to the construction only we offer.

Steel hardware such as corners, catches, handles and castors are then added, many designed and manufactured solely for 3D Flight Cases to meet our needs exactly, and all thoroughly tested before being declared fit to tour.

Flight Case Finishing

Production Flight CaseOur vast experience, capabilities and attention to detail allow us to design the interior of each fight case to give maximum protection using a variety of foam types and densities along with anti-vibration mounts where required.
Finally, as well as the many colours we offer we can silkscreen logos etc or we can use full colour UV printing for that eye catching visual.

Our finishing department can also fit partitions, trays and drawers allowing us to increase the total flexibility we can offer to our flight case designs.

3D Flight Cases

MUT Flight Case TrunkTo sum up our flight cases are built to order from a variety of materials and colours, each designed to offer superb protection, easy handling and long life.
Apart from flight cases to protect your equipment we manufacture many production cases and tool cases to your own designs which can incorporate draws, trays and the option of lid tables

We also offer a range of standard multi purpose road trunks, road ready and ready for delivery. These are known as out MUT Cases and available with a choice of trays and partitions, more details can be seen on our MUT Case page

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