The Story of 3D Flight Cases

3D Flight Cases Welcome3D's history in bespoke flight case design and production can be traced way back to the year of 1975.

Inspired by their love of great design and good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, this is the year Steve Kane and John Moseley (RIP) formed The Silverline Case Company, later morphing in to Packhorse Cases LTD and being joined by Pete Robinson and followed later by his son Sam Robinson.

Flight Case 1976
Flight Cases From 1976 Still In Use Today
The company rapidly grew, quickly establishing a reputation for designing and manufacturing the most reliable, custom-made professional flight cases in the world.
Enjoying a clientele reading like an A–Z of major touring artists from Abba to Zeppelin and world renown orchestras along with every F1 team on the grid, all of whom had one thing in common, to reliably and safely transport their valuable equipment around the world and, more importantly, for it to arrive in perfect working order.

Following 20 years’ success, Sam Robinson took up the helm as MD of Packhorse Cases in the mid-90s, whilst Steve, feeling the call of the road, returned to concert touring with top production teams.

BBC Multi Trombone Case From The Seventies
On tour, Steve as part of the technical production team worked along side with the likes Bon Jovi, George Michael, Rod Stewart and on key events, such as, the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, both here and abroad before being head hunted by Amptown Cases in Germany for his extensive flight case manufacturing and design experience.

In the meantime Sam continued pushing the boundaries of flight case performance - refining flight case construction methods and exploring new technologies.

In particular, Sam oversaw the integration of CAD (Computer Aided Design) software and the installation of CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Martin MAChinery into the company’s operations, making Packhorse one of the first suppliers to use digitally-controlled precision cutting and shaping technology, resulting in flawless flight case construction.

Queen Still Touring Today
In 2011, Sam and Steve re-united. Building on Sam’s desire to explore and expand into new markets and Steve’s need to spend more time at home having seen first-hand how his flight cases were used and mainly abused on tour, they decided to renew their partnership and formed a new company: 3D Cases LTD – a new professional flight case company with 30 years’ experience.

Recognised for their innovative design and exceptional quality, today 3D’s flight cases are in demand from a diverse range of industries, including Aerospace, TV and Film, Military, Communications, IT, Exploration, NHS, Government Agencies and more. What started with Rock ‘n’ Roll, 3D Cases Limited quickly expanded into new markets across the UK and overseas.

Raising The Standard Of Flight Case Design

Since the outset, 3D Flight Cases’ aim has been to manufacture professional flight cases to the highest quality for a fair price.
Steve and Sam bring a wealth of experience to 3D's flight case production and continue to lead the industry with their innovative flight case designs, hardware and accessories.

Innovations pioneered by the 3D Team include:

  • The ‘Double Sided’ Extrusion - 3D designed the original ‘doubled sided’ aluminium extrusion now used in flight case construction worldwide. They also introduced dedicated corner braces and replaced the inferior folded tin location strip that other companies were using with aircraft grade aluminium extrusions.
  • Anti-Vibration Mountings - First flight case company to manufacture shock mounted 19" flight case racks using anti-vibration mountings.
  • Coloured Flight Cases - Added colour to the world of standard issue ‘brown’ flight cases by producing a unique hardwearing GRP laminate. Available in a wide range of colours, this allowed flight cases to be custom coloured and colour coded for ease of identification for the first time.
  • Purpose-built Hardware and Accessories - Again the first company to produce its own professional range of heavy-duty flight case hardware and accessories. It also carried out essential research and development on many popular items today including the Blue Flight Case Castor.

Audio Operations Manager at Gearhouse in Cape Town (SA), Tom Gordon, wrote: “Steve is a true visionary in his field - most modern flight cases are based on ideas he dreamed up way back when”.

Flight Case Protection Today
Today 3D continues to drive industry innovation, regularly testing new construction methods and materials to deliver optimum protection for delicate, high value equipment in transit.

3D Flight Cases supply the most advanced flight cases and portable 19" rack cases of today, designed and constructed to withstand the rigors of a life on the move by air, sea, rail or road and even the odd camel.

The flight case started as a rock ‘n’ roll product that has been embraced by all manner of industries and services, from protecting ancient master pieces for museums and art galleries to the safe transportation of the latest IT and communication equipment along with a safeguard against vibration and knocks for cameras on their way to the launch pads around the globe.

To be continued……

3D Flight Cases LTD have a long history protecting
high value and delicate equipment.

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