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3D Flight Case Design3D Flight Cases come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, the simple reason - so does the often irreplaceable equipment you ask us to protect.

Our flight cases are individually designed and engineered to meet your exact requirements.

Whether you need a flight case with a conventional lid at the top, hinged or removable, although if you prefer you can have the lid on the front, or maybe the back, or both. We can hinge it down the middle or hinge it down one side else make it with a removable top and front, our ethos is simple: If you draw it, we will make it.

If you’re seeking inspiration, take a look at the images on our website or visit our Flight Case Gallery to see a selection of the unique, custom made flight cases we have been commissioned to produce.

The Flight Case Collection
A Selection Of Smaller Flight Cases
3D Flight Cases have substantial experience of designing bespoke flight cases for a whole host of top business and entertainment clients.

We regularly design and build custom flight cases for the IT, aerospace, sports, broadcast, oil exploration and research and development industries, as well as all sectors of the music and entertainment industry, from famous stage shows to world leading orchestras.

The experience and knowledge gained from working with these industries allows us to offer unparalleled expertise to our customers. Whatever your transportation needs, we are the go-to experts for crafting tough, reliable, easy-to-handle flight cases.

Heaviest Flight Case

Stage Prop From Hell
Stage Prop From Hell - The AC/DC Bell
Flight case conundrums don’t get much bigger, heavier or more rock ‘n’ roll than this. For its size, it must go to the AC/DC 'Hells Bell', collected from the John Taylor & Co bell foundry in Loughborough, Leicestershire.

The request was to design a case with a self-centring inner that allowed the bell to be raised and lowered from the stage roof directly into and out of the flight case.

There was one slight problem though, with the fact that before lifting it could go through the stage floor due to its weight, so tracks had to be laid, with the same arrangement inside the length the ‘Hells Bell’ truck (which also needed a winch to haul it up the ramp).

Babysitting A Band On The RocksHeavy metal at its best! Weight approx. 1400kgs. Want to know more? A friend over in the USA has written a brilliant book about the adventures of being on the road with AC/DC and many other ‘70s & ‘80s icons and the rock star wild excesses of that era - Babysitting A Band On The Rocks by Gregg Praetorius - Great read, check it out!
Then of course there was the twenty one cannon cases for the following tour, but that's another story!

Largest Flight Case

Motor Sport Flight Cases
Sporting Equipment Cases Including F1.
3D Flight Cases design and manufacture flight cases for the sporting industries including Formula One.

F1 Cars for various teams. Requirements for an F1 flight case include: maintain the car in a locked, secure position, providing easy access and incorporating a ramp to allow the car to be gently rolled out of its container.

One of the most short-lived flight cases we produced was to protect the Lotus 88 ‘twin-chassis’ car.

Sadly, following its safe delivery to the race track in Brazil, the car was promptly banned after the first race.

Longest Flight Case

Many years ago one of the longest flight cases we designed and constructed was a 40 foot motorised ‘roll up, roll down’ rear projection screen flight case for rock band Supertramp.

The case needed to be rolled into place and connected to chain hoists. The base of the case would then be un-clipped and the chain hoists would lift the top half of the case with the screen and motor system into the roof area leaving the shallow base of the case on the ground.

Flight case length, about two foot too long to fit in the 40' articulated trailer sent to collect it!

Most Expensive Flight Case

Camera Flight Case
Flight Case For A Space Bound Camera
Whilst not the most expensive flight case, some of our flight cases certainly contain the most expensive contents. From specialist telescopes to space bound cameras and satellites, 3D Flight Cases have safely transported priceless hi-tech aerospace equipment to launch pads around the globe.

To safeguard such sensitive equipment we design and build specialist flight cases around anti-vibration/shock mounted frames. This ensures the contents are fully protected from vibration and knocks during transportation and unloading.

Content Cost: Hundreds of millions.

Most Popular Flight Case

With the exception of our standard trunks the most popular flight cased product must go to the Marshall 4x12 speaker cabinet which has been around since 1965, some ten years before we started building flight cases. Whilst Jim's 4x12 cab is still the most popular, sadly Jim Marshall himself passed away in 2102, but his unique sound lives on, loudly - R.I.P. Jim.


Bespoke Flight Cases Surprisingly, we don’t get many requests for flight cases to protect lightship consumables (or lightvessels as they are known in the trade) as there are only nine remaining in British waters.

Trinity House, however, contacted us with a request to build flight cases to transport replacement glass protection panels for the vessel’s lamp accompanied by a copy of the original drawing of the glass panels from the 1950s.

The flight cases needed to transport four giant glass protection panels each curved trapezoidal in shape (like a car windscreen) and weighing 60 kgs each.

Design wise, years of experience creating flight cases for the rally and Group C racing teams windscreens came in extremely useful in the design of these flight cases.

Needless to say, if you ever require a flight case for your lightvessel glass, you know who to call.

Smiley Flight Case

Sooty and Sweep Sometimes you receive a flight case order that just puts a smile on your face.

One such was a request to design and build a unique flight case for Sooty & Sweep when Matthew Corbett took over from his father Harry Corbett.

We can safely say that flight cases don’t get much more smiley than this.

3D Flight Cases LTD where unusual flight case requests are usual

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