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When it comes to design we are extremely flexible, even though our cases won’t be!

MUT Flight Case TrunkOur adaptable and versatile Multi-Use-Trunk, Multi-Utility-Trunk or just simply our MUT Case as it became known, started life in the late 70´s as a generic sized trunk for our old friends at Light and Sound Design. Their brief for the job being:
"We need a case, loads of cases, that can be used for anything. From shackles to multi-core and hoists to control gear. It must pack into a standard articulated truck in any orientation. It’s gotta be strong enough to withstand the rigours of the road under any conditions - full stop".

The Versatile Flight Case Trunk

So, we came up with our MUT, originally manufactured from 13mm (½" birch ply + GRP) with an internal size of: (30¼ x 22½ x 24 inches as it was then) and with moveable partitions supplied as standard. This worked perfectly and we made thousands of them. Over the next 30 odd years we made chain motor inserts, racks, drawers, trays and all other manor of accessories to accompany the MUT flight case.

MUT Flightcase - Compatible with Amptown TRANSflex Cases
MUT1200 | MUT600 | MUT600
Our MUT flight case design has been copied many times over the years by other companies, getting bigger and more complicated. Sadly, this style of flight case has now become a consumable item, the original design has been lost and a pricing war has ensued, by, and by no surprise, reducing the quality or using cheap imported copies of our original MUT Case.

One exception, giving credit where credit is due, is the TRANSflex by Amptown Cases which incorporated new ideas but sadly lacked the rigidity of our original MUT Case. All these inferior copies reduced the strength, reduced the life span and placed the contents at much greater risk of damage than the original MUT flight case – But not ours, ours just got better!

The New Generation

With our latest generation of MUT flight case, we have gone back to basics, with a standard front to back depth of 600mm (allowing four across the truck packing) and three widths: 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm, known affectionately as the MUT600, MUT900 and the MUT1200.

MUT Trunks - Compatible with Amptown TRANSflex Cases
BE WARNED - Not All Flight Cases Are Equal
The standard construction is from a 10mm birch panel although we still offer a 13mm MUT version for those that demand the toughest of cases. The birch plywood is laminated under pressure with an extremely tough embossed outer skin along with a smooth PVC laminate inside, set into our own hardened aluminium double leg angle. Deep male and female mating strips ensure a positive and secure closing lid and base location.

Our own custom six fixing corner braces and own integrated hinged rear corner braces guarantee strength in high stress areas, ignored so often by many companies.
18mm birch dolly boards, our preference for strength over plastic corner plates, are bolted through the bottom case panel using M8 bolts and Tee nuts. Four 100mm castors with increased steel thickness are fitted as standard, each rated in excess of 200kgs load capacity, giving a maximum rolling weight of 600kgs. Note: Flight cases seldom have all four wheels in contact with the ground. Heavier capacity castors are available on request.

MUT Trunks - Compatible with Amptown TRANSflex Cases
MUT Flight Case Collection
The movable internal divider system is CNC routed from 18mm birch plywood, maximizing the rigidity of the case front and ingeniously shaped to allow very easy insertion of dividers, with no sticking or jamming. Unlike other manufactures we fit large recessed handles as standard, all EIGHT of them, unlike many others where they fit four small or standard handles - and sometimes only two!
12mm closed cell EVA foam is fitted to the base and lid panels.

Our design also allows our MUT series of flight cases to be compatible with the popular TRANSflex trunk produced by Amptown Cases in Germany.

Our inner trays again are heavy duty, made from 18mm birch plywood with a 12mm bottom, the joints of which are rebated, glued and screwed, with the high stress fixings always in shear. Hand cut-outs are shaped and positioned to allow for easy lifting by one or two people. Standard tray sizes being the T300, T600, T900 and T1200 which are interchangeable throughout the our MUT Range of cases. Again, these are designed to be compatible with Amptown’s TRANSflex range of trunks.

We offer two heights of partitions, one full height of the case internally and one that will fit under the trays, both manufactured from 9mm birch laminated both sides. Storage for unused partitions is catered for in each end of the MUT1200 and the MUT900 versions. These case partitions can be engraved under our router with company name at no extra cost or company logo at a small extra cost.

As options, we offer locking castors, stacking plates for warehouse storage and label dishes for those that require them. Carpet or foam lining is another option available on the full range of MUT flight cases.

As with all our flight cases we offer standard stencilling at no extra cost or the latest in UV full colour printing of logos and designs at a small addition cost.

When it comes to design we are extremely flexible
even though our cases won’t be!

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