19" Waterproof Rack Cases

Military Spec Dust and waterproof 19" Racks

3D Cases Basic 19" Rack Styles

Moulded Waterproof and Airtight 19" Racks

In addition to our various ranges of flight case racks we also offer the full range of industrial and military certificated 19" racks from two of the world’s finest and respected produces of moulded racks, SKB Cases and Peli Hardigg, both of which manufacture their 19 inch waterproof racks in the USA.

Hardigg 19" Waterproof Rack
Hardigg 19" Watertight Rack
Waterproof 19" racks is a term used by many when looking for weather proof rack cases, shower proof or submersible racks. Most of the time our standard 19" flight cases are water resistant for most purposes. Our 19" rack flight cases are often used out doors in sheltered positions at concerts and events and are of course often moved in wet & rainy conditions. Like all our ranges of rack cases, once the lids are removed they are no longer waterproof or watertight unless further protection is added.

For 19" rack cases that are used outdoors for longer periods, stored outdoors or where they need to be airtight we offer a range of plastic moulded 19 inch racks from the weather resistant right up to full military watertight and submersible specifications. The later 19" racks and cases are ideal in flood disaster hit areas where equipment can be literally floated out or towed around the infected area by boat if need be.

SKB 19" Rack Cases

19" SKB Waterproof Rack
SKB 19" Waterproof Rack
SKB Cases supply both standard and shock mounted moulded 19” racks ranging from the cheap and cheerful up to their industrial and MIL Spec series of racks.

Advantages of SKB racks is we can supply most of their huge range within a couple of days, even overnight if needed. Disadvantages are unlike our own 19” flight case racks which are built to any size to suit your needs SKB moulded rack cases are limited to their range of unit sizes and depths. SKB industrial / military racks are also quite expensive compared to our shock mounted series racks and whilst watertight and lighter, they do not stand up to the severe handling a 3D flight case rack will.

We offer the full range of SKB Rack Cases and SKB Shock Mounted Rack Cases at unbeatable prices.

  • SKB Shallow X-Racks
    265mm deep with removable front lid and rear access panel.
  • SKB Roto Racks
    480mm deep with removable front and rear lids with optional wheel boards.
  • SKB Rolling Racks
    480mm deep with the convenience of sturdy built-in wheels and a handle.
  • Speciality & GigRigs
    A collection of various 19" racks for housing audio mixers, amps and portable recording studios.
  • SKB 20" Roto Shock Rack
    508mm deep with internal frame mounted on shock absorbers either with in built wheels or a separate wheel board.
  • SKB 24" (609mm) Shock Rack
    MIL Spec rack with shock mounted inner frame and removable castors. Some models have as an optional a slide out inner frame
  • SKB 28" (743mm) Shock Rack
    MIL Spec rack with shock mounted inner frame and removable castors.
  • SKB 30" (762mm) Shock Rack
    MIL Spec rack with shock mounted inner frame and removable castors.

As the main UK distributor for SKB Rack Cases we can offer the best prices around, guaranteed. Check out which model suits your needs and contact us with the SKB part number and we will get back to with our unbeatable price.

Peli Hardigg 19" Racks

Hardigg 19" Waterproof Rack
Hardigg 19" Watertight Rack
Hardigg Industries 19 inch anti-vibration rack mount cases with their military specifications are unsurpassed, providing rugged and reliable protection in any hostile conditions for all types of rack mountable kit.

Hardigg Cases were re-branded as Pelican Hardigg Cases when Hardigg were purchased in 2009 by Pelican Products who themselves produce the Peli Case.
The Pelican Hardigg rack containers provide excellent shock mounting and watertight & airtight if required protection for all 19" rack mountable equipment. Perfectly suitable for data and voice communication equipment, servers and 19" portable command centres can all be safely transported using these Hardigg containers.

Hardigg offer a four different models of 19 inch shock mounted racks which are available from 3U to 26U and a depth up to 838mm (33") deep, giving you a solution to fit your exact shipping and protection requirements.

The fragility of an item is normally expressed in 'G' units. The larger the G force needed to cause breakage, the less protection necessary from shock and transit vibration is required. Hardigg four models each allow for different G factors and are optimised further when you specify the weight of your equipment when ordering. Most models have a huge range of options and extras available.

Sadly the disadvantages with the Hardigg racks is there is an 8-12 week delivery, that said they produce excellent examples of rugged portable 19" racks and are at the top of their class, used by the military world wide.

  • Hardigg Classic Rack - Extreme Duty - Ultra Fragile - 15-30G - 9-154kg load - 3u-26u High
  • Hardigg SuperMAC Rack - Heavy Duty - Fragile - 40-70G - 9-91kg load - 3u-14u High
  • Hardigg MAC Rack - Medium Duty - Moderately Fragile - 50-80G - 9-91kg load - 3u-14u High
  • Hardigg Blackbox Rack - Light/Medium Duty - Semi Fragile - 40-80G - max 45kg load - 3u-14u High - 600mm Deep
  • Super V series - Light/Medium Duty - Semi Fragile - 40-80G - max 45kg load - 5u-14u High - 610mm Deep
  • Classic V series - Light/Medium Duty - Semi Fragile - 40-80G - up to max 77kg load - 5u-14u High - 840mm Deep

3D Cases again offer the full range of Hardigg Racks along with their wide range of options and accessories at unbeatable prices. Please note all Hardigg Racks are produced to order with a nine to twelve week lead time.

To view the basic configuration please visit Peli Hardigg Racks. Hardigg do not supply a price list due to the many options available. Please feel free to download the Hardiigg Racks leaflet which shows all the sizes and option available

19" Rack Chassis and Accessories

Custom Built 19" Rack Chassis
Bespoke 19" Rack Chassis
In addition to our range of flight case rack systems we also supply many components and accessories including cost effective custom built 19" rack chassis. These bespoke rack chassis are manufactured to your drawings, computer controlled laser cut for total accuracy with all the connector and ventilation holes you require. The finish can be electro plated or powder coated and baked in a choice of colours. Any labelling is laser etched and filled with the colour of your choice. As there are no tooling cost for punches etc. as ever thing is laser machined, our prices are very competitive regardless of quantity, whether you require one off or thousands off.

Along with our bespoke 19" rack chassis we can supply a large range of 19" rack case accessories which include Steel and Aluminium Rack Drawers including Laptop Drawers, 19" Rack Shelves, Blank, bespoke Punched and Vented Rack Panels along with 19" Support Rails to list but a few. We also offer custom laser cut and laser engraved panels.

To view many of these 19" rack accessories please see our rack accessories gallery which offers an insight into these products. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us as many more are available and we have the facility to manufacture almost any 19" rack accessories you may require.

If you are new to 19" racking systems and would like to understand more about 19" Rack Specifications and 19" Unit sizes you can find full details on our 19" Rack Dimensions page and 19" Rack Unit Guide page.

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