19" Portable Server Rack

Shock Mounted Server Rack Cabinets

3D Cases Basic 19" Rack Styles

3D Flight Cases offer the ultimate in 19" rack equipment protection with our series of professional shock mounted frame systems. Designed to protect your equipment from the most severe abuse, whilst allowing excellent air flow, these are ideal for transporting all types of valuable and delicate 19" equipment such as computer servers and communication systems.

3D Cases 19 inch shock mounted rack systems have more than 20 years’ proven experience in the field and are trusted to protect high value, fragile equipment by businesses worldwide, from globe-trotting entertainers to the largest IT providers.

The key to our success is that we never adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

All of our internal 19" frames are individually designed and custom built to your exact requirements, including fitting of tailor-made anti-vibration systems.

19" 10U Shock Mounted Flight Case Rack
Example Of Shock Mounted 19" Rack Case
3D Shock Mount Racks Deliver Many Advantages Including:

  • Welded Steel Frames
  • Various Styles To Suit Weight/Size And Budget
  • Built To Any Unit Size And Depth
  • Individually Designed
  • 50kg - 600kg Loading. Higher Loads On Request
  • Tuned To Load Weights
  • 20 Years Proven Design Technology
  • Excellent Air Flow
  • Single Or Multi Bay Available
  • Can Be Fitted With Lashing Points And Tie Downs

Portable 19" Rack Mount Flight Cases

19" Dell Server Rack Case
Shock Mounted Dell Server Rack
All our anti-vibration frames are designed to deliver optimum protection and versatility during transportation by road, air, rail or sea.

Unlike other flight case companies, all our suspended anti-vibration frames are welded tubular steel for extra rigidity and longevity. Each has a basic four upright design with racking strip front and rear which accept standard 6mm caged nuts, with additional uprights and rack strip fitted where and when they are required. Support shelves can be supplied to fit any rack we produce.

As one of the first companies to pioneer the use of anti-vibration mounts in flight case design, we incorporate a minimum of eight ‘tuned’ anti-vibration mounts (specific to the load design) to maximise shock resistance and block common trucking vibration frequencies during transit.
In addition, each frame is protected by a tough powder coated finish which comes in a variety of long lasting, resilient colours.

Flight Case Rack With Inner Security Doors
Inner Anti-tamper Doors
Our portable server racks can be fitted with inner security doors if required which can be vented, solid or with Perspex windows. Another option is cable management trays. All this style of racks are fitted with a 5mm earth stud although this can be increased if they are to be used for power distribution.

Whichever of 3D’s 19" shock mount rack case system you choose to secure your valuable 19" equipment, you can be assured it has been designed, constructed and tested to offer the most rugged, reliable protection available.

In total, we offer three basic types of suspension frames for our shock mounted rack case systems:

Portable Server Racks

Portable 19" Shock Mounted Server Rack
Portable 19" Shock Mounted Server Rack
If you’re looking for the ultimate professional, portable server rack, our transportable shock mounted rack systems offer unrivalled protection.
While our shock mounted rack cases are ideal to use as portable server racks where the weight and depth of equipment exceeds 80kg and 600mm.

Our frames are manufactured using ultra strong tubular steel and can handle loads up to 600kgs. Extra shock mounts can easily be added to accommodate an extended payload.

The depth of 3D’s server racks are made to suit your needs and are ideal for accommodating the latest generation of deeper servers by IBM, Dell, Sysco and Compaq etc. with the option of allowing extra space at the rear for patching.

Portable 18U 19" Shock Mounted IBM Server Rack
18 Unit Shock Mounted IBM Server Rack
For larger server racks we use flanged anti-vibration mounts for the suspension system. This delivers exceptional levels of vibration reduction and shock absorption in both vertical and horizontal planes.
Our professional server racks also offer the choice of 40°, 60°and 75° shore hardness scales, enabling the vibration system to be fine-tuned to your exact specification.

Standard 19" Shock Mounted Rack Cases

19" 8U Shock Mount Frame
8 Unit Standard Frame
3D’s standard 19" shock mounted frames are a highly effective, inexpensive way to reduce vibration and optimise protection.
Designed to fit into a standard 1/4 trailer load, they are suitable for payloads of up to 60kg using bobbin mounts of a medium hardness. Further weight loading up to 100kg can be achieved by the addition of extra shock mounts.

8U Shock Mounted Rack
8U Standard Shock Mounted Rack Case
Our standard 19" shock mounted frame consists of four standard uprights which can be tailored to any depth up to 600mm. These frames are ideal for transporting fragile equipment where the added protection or load weight of our larger shock mount cases is not required.

Each of 3D’s standard shock mounted frames incorporate 6mm caged nuts and bolts to secure your 19" equipment and are finished in a durable black powder coating. If you have a particular colour in mind, just let us know.

3D Cases 'Fly-Away' Lightweight 19" Shock Mounted Rack

Lightweight 19" Shock Mounting Frame
3D Fly-Away - Lightweight 19" Frame
In 2013, 3D Flight Cases proudly launched our latest innovation: The ‘Fly-Away’- a unique, lightweight shock mounted system.

The Fly-Away was designed with anyone who needs to travel light in mind from international news crews and service engineers who often have to hop on flights at short-notice to pro musicians travelling with just personnel to television shows and recording sessions.

The Fly-Away frame was designed in conjunction with one of our major specialist suppliers of flight case hardware Penn Elcom. Like many of the products in their catalogue, the Fly-Away is another innovation pioneered by the 3D Flight Case team.

19" Rack Chassis and Accessories

Custom Built 19" Rack Chassis
Bespoke 19" Rack Chassis
In addition to our range of flight case rack systems we also supply many components and accessories including cost effective custom built 19" rack chassis. These bespoke rack chassis are manufactured to your drawings, computer controlled laser cut for total accuracy with all the connector and ventilation holes you require. The finish can be electro plated or powder coated and baked in a choice of colours. Any labelling is laser etched and filled with the colour of your choice. As there are no tooling cost for punches etc. as ever thing is laser machined, our prices are very competitive regardless of quantity, whether you require one off or thousands off.

Along with our bespoke 19" rack chassis we can supply a large range of 19" rack case accessories which include Steel and Aluminium Rack Drawers including Laptop Drawers, 19" Rack Shelves, Blank, bespoke Punched and Vented Rack Panels along with 19" Support Rails to list but a few. We also offer custom laser cut and laser engraved panels.

To view many of these 19" rack accessories please see our rack accessories gallery which offers an insight into these products. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us as many more are available and we have the facility to manufacture almost any 19" rack accessories you may require.

If you are new to 19" racking systems and would like to understand more about 19" Rack Specifications and 19" Unit sizes you can find full details on our 19" Rack Dimensions page and 19" Rack Unit Guide page.

3D Flight Cases LTD have many years experience
protecting high value and delicate 19" equipment.

Why Trust Your 19" Equipment To Any Other Rack Case?

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