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Our Standard Range Of 19" Rack Cases

19" Flight Case Rack
19" Standard Flight Case Rack
The 19" Flight Case Rack was the first and simplest version of a 19" equipment rack built in to a flight case and the 3D Cases version of this industry standard is a professional version designed to take the knocks and tumbles of day to day touring. Whilst still a popular 19" flight case, the introduction of our shock mounted 19" rack system has now become the norm, offering the ultimate protection and widely used in critical applications.

The design of the standard flight case rack offers no protection against vibration or shock for the equipment during transit or handling and for reason the style of a rack case is mainly suited to solid-state equipment with no moving parts which have been designed and built with transportation in mind, which much of the high end concert touring equipment has been.

19" Flight Case Rack For CD Player
19" CD Player Standard Flight Case Rack
So, whilst offering no shock protection it does allow a collection of 19" equipment to be transported together in a convenient to handle single flight case, often pre-patched and ready to use.

Like all our flight cases the standard 19" flight case rack is available in three panel variations, 7mm, 10mm and 13mm and are available in our range of standard colours and finishes.

The flight case rack is fitted with all the standard recessed hardware and the larger 19" rack cases are usually fitted with wheels. Available from 2U to 30 units and upwards with standard depths that range from 300mm up to 700mm, although any depth is available on request.

19" 5U Sennheiser Flight Case Rack
5U 19" Standard Flight Case Rack
Internally these 19 inch rack cases are fitted with either single leg rack strip or double leg rack strip for mounting your 19" equipment. If it is to be used as a portable server rack for holding modern servers we offer a our own data server rack strip at no extra cost. All versions of our rack strips are fitted to the front and rear of the rack, although front mounting only is available if required.

When the rack is fitted with double leg rack strip optional front to rear side support shelves can be attached to support heavier 19 inch equipment.

19" Rack Chassis and Accessories

Custom Built 19" Rack Chassis
Bespoke 19" Rack Chassis
In addition to our range of flight case rack systems we also supply many components and accessories including cost effective custom built 19" rack chassis. These bespoke rack chassis are manufactured to your drawings, computer controlled laser cut for total accuracy with all the connector and ventilation holes you require. The finish can be electro plated or powder coated and baked in a choice of colours. Any labelling is laser etched and filled with the colour of your choice. As there are no tooling cost for punches etc. as ever thing is laser machined, our prices are very competitive regardless of quantity, whether you require one off or thousands off.

Along with our bespoke 19" rack chassis we can supply a large range of 19" rack case accessories which include Steel and Aluminium Rack Drawers including Laptop Drawers, 19" Rack Shelves, Blank, bespoke Punched and Vented Rack Panels along with 19" Support Rails to list but a few. We also offer custom laser cut and laser engraved panels.

To view many of these 19" rack accessories please see our rack accessories gallery which offers an insight into these products. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us as many more are available and we have the facility to manufacture almost any 19" rack accessories you may require.

If you are new to 19" racking systems and would like to understand more about 19" Rack Specifications and 19" Unit sizes you can find full details on our 19" Rack Dimensions page and 19" Rack Unit Guide page.

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